MPIReco.jl: Julia Package for Image Reconstruction in MPI

Tobias Knopp, Patryk Szwargulski, Florian Griese, Mirco Grosser, Marija Boberg, Martin Möddel


Image reconstruction plays an important role for the tomographic imaging technique magnetic particle imaging (MPI) since the measured raw data cannot be directly interpreted. Instead, one needs to invert the image formation process, which involves the solution of an ill-conditioned linear system of equations. Currently, most MPI researchers have implemented custom reconstruction algorithms that cannot be directly compared since the source code is not openly available. The software package MPIReco.jl aims to change this situation by providing a reference implementation for a variety of reconstruction algorithms. With the recently proposed magnetic particle imaging data format and its reference implementation MPIFiles.jl we have taken the first steps towards standardised data exchange. With MPIReco.jl we complement these initiatives to standardise the reconstruction algorithms and to facilitate reproducible research. We chose to implement the algorithms in the programming language Julia, which provides a high level syntax making the software accessible even for non-professional software developers. On the other hand Julia code has a high run-time performance comparable to low-level C code. In the present paper, we outline some of the design principles of MPIReco.jl and give an overview of the software package.

Int. J. Mag. Part. Imag. 5(1), 2019, Article ID: 1907001, DOI: 10.18416/IJMPI.2019.1907001


MPI; Software; Open Source, Image Reconstruction

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