Real-time 3D Dynamic Rotating Slice-Scanning Mode for Traveling Wave MPI

Patrick Vogel, Martin A. Rückert, Peter Klauer, Stefan Herz, Thomas Kampf, Thorsten Bley, Volker C. Behr


Magnetic Particle Imaging is a tomographic imaging technique offering high sensitivity and temporal resolution and is a promising tool for pre-clinical applications. The state of the art Traveling Wave Magnetic Particle Imaging (TWMPI) scanners offer a mouse-sized FOV, which can be scanned at once. Since the first introduction of TWMPI, several sequences have been introduced to scan the FOV in 2D as well as 3D. So far, the proposed 3D sequences do not provide real-time capability, which is an important feature for future clinical applications such as guided vascular interventions. In this study a modified sequence for TWMPI scanners is presented, which allows scanning an entire 3D volume on a short time scale. Furthermore, for real-time capability a novel reconstruction method using an image-based approach is used providing a 3D visualization in real-time.


traveling wave; TWMPI; sequence; real-time; system matrix; reconstruction

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