Low Latency Real-time Reconstruction for MPI Systems

Patrick Vogel, Stefan Herz, Thomas Kampf, Martin A. Rückert, Thorsten A. Bley, Volker C. Behr


In the last decade research in the Magnetic Particle Imaging community focused mainly on hardware development as well as the optimization of reconstruction. These steps were essential for improving MPI technology and advance it to pre-clinical applications. However, another important part is the software package working behind MPI systems. This software has to be able to keep up with modern scanner features and should be able to support features such as adjustable scanning trajectories or multiple reconstruction methods. Especially a real-time reconstruction feature is important to use the full potential of the fast imaging capabilities of modern MPI scanners. This could be pivotal in applications such as guided vascular interventions. In this work, a software package is presented, which improves reconstructing MPI data with different reconstruction methods in real-time and with low latency. 

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