Vol 8 No 2 (2022): Int J Mag Part Imag

Research Articles

VivoTrax+ improves the detection of cancer cells with magnetic particle imaging
Julia Gevaert, Kyle Van Beek, Olivia C. Sehl, Paula J. Foster
Article-Views: 123  |  PDF-Downloads: 63
A sensitive, stable, continuously rotating FFL MPI system for functional imaging of the rat brain
Eli Mattingly, Erica Mason, Konstantin Herb, Monika Śliwiak, John Drago, Matthias Graeser, Lawrence Wald
Article-Views: 134  |  PDF-Downloads: 56
Joint multi-patch reconstruction: fast and improved results by stochastic optimization
Lena Zdun, Marija Boberg, Christina Brandt
Article-Views: 36  |  PDF-Downloads: 36
System matrix compression using Chebyshev polynomials of first and second kind
Christine Droigk, Marco Maass, Alfred Mertins
Article-Views: 34  |  PDF-Downloads: 20
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